Hi! I’m Melyssa – a mid-life Mama, Passionate Storyteller and lover of Music and Art!

My vision is to see the Restoration of your Creative Sparkle!

For midlife Mamas who feel like they’ve lost themselves along the way, my site, blog, books, music and gatherings provide a wake-up kiss for the Artist-Child within, midwifing your

Creative Spirit into your everyday…

Our mission at Child of the Universe is to provide an online oasis of encouragement for midlife people who are feeling

stifled by the ordinary and are ready to reconnect with the dreams and magic they knew as children.

Are you

Burnt out on ordinary life?

Tired of inauthenticity?

Spiritually seeking?

A ‘Closet’ Artist?

A Dreamer who put your dreams on hold to raise a family?

An Ugly Duckling?

Scared to believe that you might really possess greatness?

We’re here to provide a safe space for you to DREAM again…

If you secretly believe there are gifts you MUST share with the world, you’re RIGHT!

We are created to create. Let’s share and encourage one another by telling our stories and trusting one another with our dreams…


Listen to my creations and check back for performances near you.


"Sharing = Loving" - We believe there is an ArtistChild asleep in EVERYONE! Our Mission is to kiss them awake...to dance and sing and invite them out to play! Your generosity makes it possible.

Set Your Spirit Free!

I was watching this video training the other day on how to be a rockstar public speaker and I’m pretty sure the advice is applicable to blogging too, so here goes... I will be 49 in October and I’m a solo mama of an amazing and asynchronous 11-year-old son. I am also...

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Make A Living Being Who You Are

Make A Living Being Who You Are

Good Morning, Loves. So I have this radical idea. What if we could ALL make our living being who we ARE? What if we just all decided one day to look at life differently and let go of societal expectations and instead hold on for dear life to our TRUTH? What if it...

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