Once upon a time there lived a happy town named Chocolateburge, in the beautiful town there lived a dragon named Inkling, made of gumdrops and goodness. He was a very nice dragon who lived in a cave of chocolate and poprocks. He would fly into the middle of town and give everyone poprocks and chocolate. This is how the town got its name. As the day grew on Inkling grew tired so he saided goodbye to the town and left with a smile on his face. As he flew into his cave he felt a nudge on his right ear, a little girl not older than three, with flowing burnet hair and the most radiant skin you have ever seen. Inkling was very surprised he put the little girl down on his bed. Inkling heard a knock on his door. He opened it and saw a woman with tears in her eyes and she asked, “have you seen my little girl?” Inkling opened the door all the way, the mother sunk to the floor as the little girl asked why her mother was crying and ran to her. The mother’s eyes lit up and she ran to her daughter. Inkling started to cry too and the mother thanked the gumdrop dragon named Inkling and called her little girl to her. The happy family left as Inkling closed the door. He was very happy as the mother was. The clock chimed and all in his cave grew quiet. He fluffed his pillow and fell asleep. Chocolateburge grew still and quiet

The end.