About Child of the Universer

My name is Melyssa and I’m here to be your online Fairy Godmother of Creative Inspiration…I’m on this journey too – after 20 years of climbing a ladder that was placed against the wrong wall, I found myself the midlife Mama of a gifted 11-year- old Artist son who didn’t fit the mold. I chose to embrace and encourage his art and found myself face-to- face with the reality that I had been denying my own…

As I began treasure hunting for my son’s gifts, I remembered that one of the things that has always brought me great joy is ENCOURAGING others. Encouragement is one of my spiritual gifts and this site exists as a forum for its expression.


"Sharing = Loving" - We believe there is an ArtistChild asleep in EVERYONE! Our Mission is to kiss them awake...to dance and sing and invite them out to play! Your generosity makes it possible.