Awaken the Creativity

Within Your Soul

Child of the Universe describes all of us.

We arrive on this spinning blue ball of dust and have a mere hundred years or so to impact it for good. We are here to embrace the truth of who we are and to share our hearts and art with the world…

What are YOUR gifts?

What would you do if you didn’t have to earn money to survive? How would your life change if you decided to BE WHO YOU ARE?

Our heART comes in many forms.

Thank GOD there are some of you whose art manifests as strings of code (hello internet!) or the ability to find joy in an orderly set of numbers (we LOVE our accountants!)…

You may love to paint, or cook, or sew, or arrange furniture or music or apply the perfect eyeliner.
ART takes as many forms as there are humans on the planet.

FIND YOURS and SHARE it with US!!

Within the Silver Mirror a Unicorn is born…and she points us back to Heaven with her silver spiral horn

~ from my song, “When Everything Changes”

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